Daddy Andre, Angella Katatumba

Daddy Andre explains why he refused to take an HIV test with ex-lover Angella Katatumba

Daddy Andre has provided insight into his decision to decline to take an HIV test with ex-lover Angella Katatumba.

The singer and producer clarified that at the time, he did not feel it was necessary to undergo the test with his ex-lover.

Daddy Andre emphasized that during their relationship, they had not reached a stage where engaging in sexual activities was a priority, making the HIV test irrelevant.

He stated that his refusal was intentional, as he did not want to be pressured into something he was not ready for.

Daddy Andre

While he expressed willingness to undergo HIV testing and share the results publicly, he chose not to do so with Angella due to personal reasons.

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Additionally, Daddy Andre suggested that Angella’s decision to publicize their situation was driven by a desire for attention rather than genuine concern.

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