Daniella Atim

Daniella Atim Reacts to Weasel’s Domestic Violence Towards Sandra Teta

Jose Chameleon’s wife Daniella Atim has reacted to Weasel’s continuous domestic violence towards his baby mama Sandra Teta.

Last week, traumatizing photos portraying Sandra Teta’s battered face suffocated the internet.

The photos were accompanied by rumors suggesting that Sandra had been battered by intoxicated Weasel for defying his directives before dumping their kids at the former’s workplace at Nomads bar along  Ggaba road.

In the turn of events, Sandra Teta through her social media handles poured cold water on the hearsay, revealing that she was ambushed by thugs, who beat her up and made off with her handbag, phone, and cash worth UGX 1.5m.

Sandra Teta

However, close sources to the couple maintained that Sandra was covering up for the singer, to avoid being apprehended by police for his violent actions.

Different close friends of the Mayanja family including Judith Heard and Daniella Atim criticized Weasel’s action of battering and disrespecting his baby mama.

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Earlier today, Daniella Atim via her Instagram account, shared photos of Sandra Teta showing wounds she sustained following a heated altercation with Weasel in December.

Daniella Atim

Daniella urged fellow women especially the self-proclaimed feminists in the country to help Sandra gain her confidence to walk this miserable journey.

She further noted that concerned folks should raise their voices to put a stop to Sandra Teta’s mistreatment and her kids to get a conducive environment to grow from.

These are pictures of Sandra in December; Sandra needs all of our help, in any form. She needs all of us to raise our voices to help her with the first most important thing, her confidence. Let’s all put our weight behind Sandra and help her walk this journey. Dear ladies, there is no better time to empower a fellow woman than now. All you self-proclaimed feminists, the time is now.
Let’s Speak up, let Sandra’s voice be heard through ours. Sandra’s children deserve better.

Daniella Atim


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