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Daniella Atim Recounts Hardships in Raising Her Kids on Abba Marcus 18 Birthday

Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim has revealed the hardships she went through while raising her kids in the USA in her birthday message to her son Abba Marcus.

Today 14th September 2023 Jose Chameleone and Daniella Antim’s elder son Abba Marcus Mayanja commemorates his 18th birthday.

Taking to her socials, Daniella shared a lengthy post recollecting the hardships she went through while raising her kids in Jose Chameleone’s absence.

In the post, Daniella reveals she has been playing both parental roles in her kids’ lives, adding that due to lack of financing, her children had to endure the worst possible circumstances.

Despite the hardships, however, Daniella vowed to stay committed to being Abba’s mother, to keep the pact she made with God at his birth, and to raise him to be a man of God.

Abba Marcus

It should be recalled that Jose Chameleone decided his entire family to relocate when Abba Marcus received a scholarship to study in the United States.

However, due to financial limitations, the singer was unable to provide his family with appropriate housing, forcing them to dwell in a friend’s basement.

In the future, Chameleone was able to purchase a new home for his family in the USA, relieving them of their plight.


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Below is the detailed post;

Dear son, one day you and I will sit under a bonfire and talk about it all.
We shall talk about your cold dingy basement room that flooded every spring, we shall talk about how I went to ‘kyeyo’ for several days without return and left you in charge of your siblings plus an infant.

We shall talk about how I so badly wanted you and your siblings to be able to drink milk every day, we shall talk about how I took up 2 full-time jobs because I wanted you all to go to good schools.

We shall talk about that twin bunk bed that all 6 of us had to fit in.
When all of that is done, we shall sit and laugh at it all, we shall laugh at how God has kept us through the hardships, we will testify about the goodness of God, we shall tell of how God kept elevating us, we shall tell of how he brought total strangers that helped us along the way.

You see, my boy, God has his beautiful ways. We may not have it all figured out now but hey, hasn’t God been so good?
While we wait for that time, while we wait for the dollars to flow in so that I can send you all on that vacation l have promised for years, while we wait for the good life you always promise me.

My boy, while we wait, I will stay committed to being your mother, I will stay committed to the pact I made with God at your birth, to raise you to be a Man Of God.

Like your name Abba, may you be the man people will always encounter and experience God. Like your name Abba, may you turn out to be a great father and husband. May God keep proving his faithfulness to you.

Dear son, things do get better, let’s keep walking, it’s just a matter of time.


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