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Daniella Atim shares 12 points she would never tell a fellow woman in an abusive marriage

Jose Chameleone’s ex-wife Daniella Atim has taken to her socials, listing 12 things she would rather not tell a fellow woman in a toxic marriage in the guise of advice.

Daniella Atim, based in the US with her kids after divorcing her husband singer Jose Chameleone, revealed that she learned the hard way when she endured the hardships that came with an abusive marriage.

She bragged about being a single mother, living in the Midwest breaking generational patterns before listing things she would never tell any fellow woman in an abusive marriage.

Daniella Atim went on to urge women and church girls to guard their hearts from men who don’t know how to treat women.

Jose Chameleone, Daniella Atim

Below are the things Daniella wouldn’t advise any woman.

To think that a few years ago I was trying to escape my abusive ex for the longest time …and now; living in the Midwest, a single mom breaking generational patterns :
Here are some things I would never tell any Christian /church woman in an abusive marriage ;
1. It’s just a spiritual attack.(it’s not, he is just toxic)
2. you’ ll ruin your kids if you leave.(no,you won’t,you ll ruin them if you stay)
3. Did you read that book about marriage.(pay attention to the red flags )
4. Be patient (if they do it once they ll do it again )
5. For better for worse (Jesus doesn’t want you to suffer)
6. Its just a season,things will get better (abuse only get worse )
7. Are you desirable to him.(you even doubt your worth now)
8. How is your sex life ?(sex is not the only important part of marriage )
10. What will society think ?( you mean the snobs?)
11. You have it going well for yourself (No,you have settled for less).
12: He is just young and will get better as he grows …(no,he is simply an asshole )..
Dear church girl ,guard your heart. If that brother doesn’t know God,tread carefully.

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