NEWSDaouda Kavuma Ghetto Kids Proprietor Addresses Claims of Not Using Ugandan Music

Daouda Kavuma Ghetto Kids Proprietor Addresses Claims of Not Using Ugandan Music

Daouda Kavuma the proprietor of Ghetto Kids formerly Triplets Ghetto Kids has addressed claims of shunning to use of Ugandan musicians’ songs in their acts.

A few days back, the Ghetto Kids rendered Ugandans into a celebratory mode upon featuring and securing a Golden Buzzer on the 16th season of Britain Got Talent.

Midway through the celebrations, however, a section of Ugandans raised concern about the Ghetto Kids not giving a platform to Ugandan music, by using it in their acts.

Earlier today, Daouda Kavuma the group proprietor addressed the claims while taking part in an interview with Sanyuka TV.

Ghetto Kids

Daouda stated that despite their strong desire, they are unable to employ Ugandan music due to its subpar distribution.

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Kavuma adds that copyright paperwork for Ugandan music is hectic, yet there wasn’t ample time to go through the process, hence foregoing Ugandan music.

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  1. I think the Ghetto Kids presented the beauty of Uganda. I am surprised that, for some, the lack of Ugandan music outweighs the Ugandan pride reflected on Britain’s Got Talent. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to their audition. I think the Ghetto Kids are “Golden” in every sense of the word. I sincerely wish them and all Ugandans the absolute best.


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