David Lutalo

David Lutalo Conveys Dislike For Politics and The People Who Use it to Divide People

Singer David Lutalo has expressed his dislike for politics and those who use it as a tool to create division among people.

During the course of his recent performance, David Lutalo implored his fans to refrain from aligning themselves with politicians who promote divisive tactics that cause conflict among the people.

Lutalo believes that politics should be used as a means to bring people together and create a better society, rather than to create animosity and conflict.

He expressed his stance as being non-political and disliking the involvement of politics in his personal life.

Consequently, he holds a negative view towards individuals who create divisions among people, irrespective of their political affiliations.

David Lutalo

Nevertheless, Lutalo’s disclosure has sparked a significant reaction on various social media platforms, garnering support from a portion of the online community.

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On the contrary, there are individuals who have consistently expressed their disagreement with David Lutalo and have subsequently undertaken the task of challenging his submission.


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