David Lutalo, Pastor Loysius Bugingo

David Lutalo Distances Self From a Manipulated Audio Mocking Pastor Aloysius Bugingo | AUDIO

Singer David Lutalo has made it clear that he is not associated with the circulating audio that mocks Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

After Pastor Bugingo survived an assassination attempt, he became a topic of discussion, with some people mocking him and questioning how he managed to survive while his bodyguard lost his life.

During this period of mockery, someone imitated David Lutalo’s voice and sang a song that seemed to mock Pastor Bugingo.

In response to this, David Lutalo addressed the issue during his concert press conference and distanced himself from the audio.

He criticized the action and urged Ugandans to have the discernment to know when to be happy and when to mourn the loss of someone.

David Lutalo

Lutalo emphasized that even if the person suffering is his worst enemy, he cannot find joy in their difficult situation.

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He expressed his wish for God’s blessings upon the person responsible for the audio recording, hoping that they would see the consequences of their actions.


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