Dax Vibez

Dax Vibez Rubbishes Claims Of Putting Up A Multi-Million Mansion

Last week numerous blogs and media outlets reported that singer Dax Vibez is putting up a yet-to-be-finished three-storey mansion.

As the brewing rumour continues to spread like a wildfire, the singer has come public to extinguish it.

Taking to his Facebook account, Dax Vibez disclosed that he recorded the video clip last year, along Kyanja road opposite Kensington apartments after being charmed by the way the roofing materials were being taken to the building rooftop.

Upon sharing the clip on his Tiktok account, he was surprised by the views and congratulatory remarks the video garnered.

Dax Vibez

Dax hence over the weekend cleared the air about the video in circulation, revealing that he doesn’t own the building though he would love own one.

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He however maintained that being the youngest brother in the hardworking and experienced Kyagulanyi family, he picked a leaf, and is confident soon he will unveil one.

Clarification: Banange this ain’t my building as some propagandists and blogs say though I would love it to be mine

l recorded this clip last year along kyanja road opposite kensington apartments and posted it on my tiktok because I was fascinated by the way the roofing material was being taken to the top

Recently I was approached by some media personalities who were interviewing me about my new release VibeKyekyo which you need to check out and then clarified on the claims.

Lastly, I come from a family of Hardworking experienced men and women so don’t expect me not to learn a thing or two from them about development kuba nange sili fala nyo namwe .

Hopefully i will one day have a building as huge as that awo nvimbe

Dax Vibez

Keep your congratulations for now ba dear.


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