NEWSDaxx Kartel Refutes Being Undressed By Army Officers at Alien Skin's Concert

Daxx Kartel Refutes Being Undressed By Army Officers at Alien Skin’s Concert

Singer Daxx Kartel real name Suleiman Sebunya Sebyaala has watered-down rumours suggesting that he was undressed by army officers at Alien Skin’s concluded concert.

Daxx Kartel was one of the musicians that put up an exhilarating performance at Alien Skin’s Sitya Danger concert at Freedom City recently.

The self-branded Omuyeruba stepped on stage in full army garb, before sending revellers at the fully packed Freedom City into a frenzy.

However, according to speculations, Daxx Kartel had obtained the clothing unlawfully, so as soon as he exited the stage, the authorities undressed him.

Daxx recently disproved the rumour during an appearance in an interview with a YouTuber, saying that he had actually obtained the army uniform legally.

Daxx Kartel

He continues by saying that following his performance, he put on a white jumper and graciously gave the top half of the uniform to the UPDF officer who had led him to the concert venue.

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Daxx also disclosed that he kept the army trousers which he also turned in after a performance in Kawempe.


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