Daxx kartel, Momo19

Daxx Kartel Remains Tight-Lipped On Reports Of Welcoming Twins With Momo19

Singer Daxx Kartel has chosen to remain silent on the rumours circulating about the arrival of twins with his wife Maureen Naluwooza alias Momo19.

In the course of this week, there have been speculations suggesting that singer Dax Kartel and Momo19 have become parents to twins.

These rumours surfaced amidst growing speculation that Momo19 was heavily pregnant and expecting her first child with Daxx Kartel.

Despite the rumours and speculation, Daxx Kartel remains tight-lipped about the arrival of twins and has chosen to keep the details private for now.

Momo19, Daxx Kartel

He assured his fans that when the time is right, he will share accurate information and celebrate this joyous occasion with them.

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Daxx Kartel mentioned that he is unaware of the source of the information regarding the arrival of twins. before expressing his gratitude for the support and love he has received during this period.


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