NEWSDefunct Eagles Production Members Link Up As They Gear up to Grace...

Defunct Eagles Production Members Link Up As They Gear up to Grace Mesach Semakula’s Concert

The now-defunct Eagles Production Band members earlier yesterday linked as they gear up to grace fellow singer Mesach Semakula’s concert.

In early 2014, the Eagles Production Band crash landed with each top-notch leader pointing fingers at each other for not being fully functional.

Following their failure to come to a common ground, some band directors decided to handle the matter by forming Golden Production.

However, Geoffrey Lutaaya and his wife Irene Namatovu adamantly refused to concur, leading to the creation of their own band, the New Eagles.

This caused a schism among the members of the formerly renowned Eagles production band, and many of them hadn’t been communicating well until yesterday during Mesach Semakula’s press conference.

Eagles Productions Band
Some of the Members of the now Defunct Eagles Productions Band

These former bandmates put their differences aside at this point and came together at Papa’s spot to prepare for the upcoming Mesach At 46 show.

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When questioned if whether they’re linking up hints at a potential Eagles Production Band rebirth, Ronald Mayinja revealed that it is a topic for another day, as their primary concern now is Mesach’s concert.

Mesach Semakula is expected to hold his Mesach At 46 concert at Serena Hotel in Kampala on 19th May 2023.

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