Dictator Amir, Chosen Becky

Dictator Amir responds to rumors of cheating and siring a child outside his marriage with Chosen Becky

Dictator Amir born Mutebi Amiri has responded to the rumors circulating on social media regarding his alleged infidelity and fathering a child outside of his marriage with singer Chosen Beck.

In a recent video obtained by this website, Dictator Amir addressed the claims and dismissed them as baseless.

According to him, two social media critics, Janny and Megatron, initiated these rumors. He expressed his disappointment in their actions, stating that they disrespected his family and in-laws without any valid reason.

Dictator Amir clarified that his fiancée, Chosen Becky, is aware of all his children, and only three are in total, emphasizing that there is no child beyond that number.

Chosen Becky, Dictator Amir

Furthermore, he revealed that he has taken legal action against the individuals responsible for spreading these rumors, and his lawyers will soon take appropriate measures.

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Amir urged the critics to refrain from discussing his family, emphasizing his commitment to his children by providing for their education and fulfilling all his responsibilities.


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