Dj Jacob Omutuuze, Carol Nantongo

DJ Jacob Omutuuze Explains the Reason Behind His Dislike for Carol Nantongo

During the interview with Me Media, media personality DJ Jacob Omutuuze expressed his strong aversion towards Carol Nantongo and took the opportunity to recount a past encounter that further fueled his dislike for her.

According to Jacob, the incident occurred when he had shared an upcoming singer Flona’s music project on his Whatsapp status, a gesture he believed would help promote the artist’s career.

However, to his surprise, Carol Nantongo questioned his intentions and insinuated that he must have been paid to promote the artist’s music.

This accusation struck a nerve with Jacob, as he felt it undermined his genuine support for emerging talents in the industry.

In response, he confronted Carol and asked her how much she had paid him to promote her music before she gained fame.

Dj Jacob Omutuuze

This heated exchange left a lasting impact on Jacob Omutuuze, leading him to develop a deep-seated animosity towards Carol Nantongo.

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The incident not only challenged his integrity as a radio personality but also left him feeling disrespected and unappreciated for his efforts to uplift lesser-known artists.


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