No Condom No Sex, Feffe Bussi, Karole Kasita,

DJ Nimrod, Feffe Bussi, And Karole Kasita On the Spot Over “No Condom No Sex” Song Theft

The controversy surrounding the song “No Condom No Sex” has taken a new turn as accusations of theft and copyright infringement have been levelled against popular Ugandan DJ, Dj Nimrod, along with singers Feffe Bussi, Karole Kasita, Real Kenie, Burnyross MC, Hatim & Dokey.

The song in question was originally composed by upcoming singers BB Zanda and Nuclear, who were shocked to discover that their creation had been remade by other musicians without their consent.

BB Zanda and Nuclear expressed their disappointment, stating that they would have preferred a remix of their song rather than having it stolen outright.

They also alleged that Dj Nimrod and his colleague had intentions of selling the song to condom companies, profiting from their hard work without permission.

Adding fuel to the fire, BB Zanda claimed that Nimrod went as far as preventing them from performing in Entebbe.

Frustrated and determined to protect their rights, BB Zanda warned Nimrod to take down the song or face legal consequences.

BB Zanda

However, DJ Nimrod has a different side to the story. He explained that he recently stumbled upon the song and, after doing a challenge with his workmates at Galaxy FM, they were inspired to create a full-fledged version of the track.

According to Nimrod, several musicians approached him, expressing their interest in joining the trend, and he permitted them to do so.

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Nimrod further revealed that BB Zanda and Nuclear had used part of their lyrics in the chorus of the original song. This, he argued, could potentially complicate matters for the complainants if they decide to pursue legal action, as he claims to have a legal team ready to defend his case.

As the dispute continues to unfold, the music industry and fans alike are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this contentious situation. Will BB Zanda and Nuclear be successful in their quest for justice, or will DJ Nimrod and his colleagues be able to defend their actions? Only time will tell.

Listen to both the songs below;


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