GOSSIPDj Roger's Sister Christine Nampeera Allegedly Recorded Romping in a Bar Toilet

Dj Roger’s Sister Christine Nampeera Allegedly Recorded Romping in a Bar Toilet

Renowned DJ Roger’s young sister Christine Nampeera has raised dust on social media after her private video with her boyfriend Barasha surfaced online.

Christine Nampeera is the latest victim to succumb to the same vice that saw socialite Sheilah Gashumba and her boyfriend Rickman in panic mode after an unidentified individual leaked their intimate videos.

Christine Nampeera is one of the Twitter influencers whose well-endowed rear courters have over the years kept men up at night.

Recently, Christine and her boyfriend were triggered to quench their romping thirst at one of Kampala’s clubs, after several dance rubs and beers.

They were quick to rush to one of the lavatory units, and Barasha donned the Adams suite before reporting for duty little did they know that they were being filmed by an unknown individual.

Christine Nampeera, Barasha

In a viral video, the couple can be seen making out in the toilet while switching between various poses to savour their passion.

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The video has since elicited divergent reactions among internet users, with some questioning why would lovers stoop that low and make love in the toilet, while meme lords have already embarked on doing what they know best.

The couple is still tight-lipped about the development, but we are certain soon they open up about the matter.



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