DJ Roja

DJ Roja Boosts His Brand With Rwanda Tour

DJ Roja expands his brand to Rwanda by taking his talent and expertise in the entertainment industry to the country.

Renowned for his skills in DJing and artiste management, DJ Roja has already made a mark by working with talented female singer Jowy Landa.

Currently, he is in Kigali, where he arrived on Tuesday, engaging in a media tour. During this tour, he has been visiting various media stations and music studios, aiming to collaborate with local artists and promote the DJ Roja brand.

Throughout his stay, DJ Roja has had the opportunity to meet influential figures in Rwanda and has been featured on prominent media platforms such as KC2 and The Choice.

Additionally, he attended the Global Citizen concert, Movie Africa, which showcased performances by renowned American rapper Kendrick Lamar. This remarkable event took place at the BK Arena in Kigali on Wednesday.

Following his media tour in Rwanda, DJ Roja will continue his journey to Ethiopia, where he is scheduled to perform at the popular hangout spot known as Wakanda Ultra Lounge.

DJ Roja

On Saturday, he will entertain the audience with a captivating performance during the Makossa Saturdays-themed night.

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While DJ Roja focuses on his endeavors, his partner DJ Slickstuart is also engaged in his projects. Apart from his television presenting and DJing at various events and hangout places, DJ Roja has been tirelessly working with Team No Sleep and his management company, 7Star, to promote the rising star, Jowy Landa.

Through their efforts, Jowy Landa is gradually establishing herself as one of the top female artists in the local music scene.


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