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DJ Roja Debunks Rumours of Parting Ways With Slick Stuart

DJ Roja of the popular DJ duo of Slick Stuart and Roja, has put an end to rumours suggesting that they are planning to split.

The duo has been a mainstay in the Ugandan music scene for a while, and their fans were concerned when rumours started circulating online that they were going their separate ways.

However, Roja has now confirmed that the rumours are completely unfounded. He explained that the duo is simply busy with different projects at the moment and that they are still very much together.

Roja has been managing female singer Jowy Landa since their last show in November 2022, while Slickstuart has been working on various events and projects.

The duo has collaborated with numerous artists over the years, including Chameleone, Beenie Gunter, Nutty Neithan, and Winnie Nwagi, and they remain committed to bringing their unique sound to audiences across Uganda and beyond.

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Fans of Slick Stuart and Roja can rest assured that the duo is still going strong and that they have no plans to split anytime soon.

With their talent, energy, and passion for music, they are sure to continue entertaining audiences for many years to come.


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