Don Zella

Don Zella Apologizes To Longtime Nemesis Zari Hassan – “I Was Misled By The Media”

For years, Don Zella and South Africa-based socialite Zari Hassan have not been seeing eye to eye as their beef couldn’t let them.
Don Zella and Zari’s beef ignited years back when the pair used to organize annual end-of-year parties in Uganda.

Don Zella

Their differences amplified when Don Zella made Zari’s already bad situation of losing her husband Ivan Ssemwanga in 2017 worse by taunting, mocking, and laughing at her.
However, Zari did contrary to Don Zella’s actions as she sent the latter love and asked God to strengthen her in the trying moment of losing her husband Jim.
Sending you love and light, may God strengthen you.
Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
Zari’s kind gesture left Don Zella teary, as she least expected such a message from the former following what transpired in the past years.
She penned down a lengthy message asking for forgiveness from the SA-based socialite, reasoning she now understands what Zari went through after losing her husband.
Dear Zari
I know the words I used where not right in the past during the time when your husband passed away & when you were grieving your late husband Semwanga as a mother I shouldn’t have said what I said to hurt your feelings in those trying moments cause it was uncold for and not needed because you had done nothing to me ,I think I was just miserable and hurting myself I take full blame and full responsibility of my actions and am really so sorry to hurt you and your loved one mainly the children sorry for the inconvenience I caused and the pain I caused as well
I truly apologize and now I understand the shoes you were in ,nothing was intended personal cause I knew nothing about you but social media influence was the cause ,you are an amazing person in and out strong and beautiful mother & successful I truly respect your hustle you inspire me and today I decided to let you know because I have been going through a lot lately but had to find right words to put this together everything you went through was had my actions where wrong .
am not that character am a very very loyal person but I let my emotions ruin the good in me .you sent me a massage when my baby daddy died I cried in peace’s you are amazing thanks for the good heart l admit that’s was wrong am here to say am So sorry for those it affected it will never happen again thanks for the love 💕 and support you gave to my family in the trying moments
Will always be a phone call away if you need my support please accept my apology
SHEILA aka Don zella gal power women empowerment I preach love 💕 not hate this is the right thing to do


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