Don Zella, Big Eye Starboss

Don Zella Expresses Her Love For Singer Big Eye Starboss

Socialite Don Zella real name Sheila Nadege has expressed her unparalleled love for her ex-lover Big Eye Starboss.

It is almost a decade ever since singer Big Eye Starboss and Nalongo Don Zella moved separate ways following their relationship hitting a rock bottom.

The couple’s acrimonious breakup caused a significant schism between them, and this saw Don Zella disclose that Big Eye was not the biological father of her son Brighton.

Nonetheless, a few years later, the two were able to work out their issues, rekindling their speaking terms, and on multiple occasions, Big Eye was seen hanging out with his fictitious son Brighton.

Don Zella, Big Eye Starboss

Earlier today, Don took to her Facebook account, where she urged her followers to mention someone they love to make their Sunday feel better.

“mention someone you love & tell them that I love  you to make there Sunday feel better”

Don Zella as well took to the comment section, where she expressed her love for her ex-lover Big Eye Starboss.

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Don’s disclosure, however, has confused some social media users, who are now wondering if the two are attempting to patch things up.


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