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Don Zella Scoffs at Critics as She Flaunts New Home Under Construction in Busabala

US-based Ugandan socialite Nalongo Don Zella real name Sheila Nadege has scoffed at her critics as she flaunted her new home under construction in Busabala.

In the course of this week, Don Zella took to Facebook to show off her house plan before thanking God for fulfilling all her dreams.

However, several critics suggested that she had shared a photo from a Facebook page that illustrates house blueprints in order to prove her superiority.

Don Zella quickly dispelled the rumours as she continued to prove through other videos that she was the rightful owner of the property.

She went on to scoff at her detractors, revealing that in contrast to them, she has dreams, and she is building her ideal house, before daring them to show off a dog’s kennel or toilet in their possession.

Don Zella

It’s only sad claimed people with books who don’t know that every house in Uganda has a plan and design which must be approved by the authorities before you start building it.

Your agendas of putting people down to your slow mind byakoma daaa it’s only what you can prove to stay relevant you will always want to take away someone’s shine in the name of hating but I will school you mpola and I will always show you that you gat a long way to go !!!!

If you don’t have a dream you can’t create one but me as a mother I have dreams & am building my dream house I knew nti oja kugwa mupikopo era omaze nobigwamu bambi olabye okusula nga tewebase ekizimbe gagadde kolima abantuuu but byona mukama I dare you even to show a toilet oba a dog house.

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Upon completion, Don Zella reportedly intends to establish her Busabala-located house as her new home base.

Congratulations Nalongo.


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