Dorah Mwima, Nader Barrak

Dorah Mwima, Nader Barrak Welcome a Baby Boy

Dorah Mwima and her adoring husband Nader Barrak have joyfully welcomed their bundle of joy whom they name Enso Barrak. The news of the family’s addition was announced this morning through Dorah’s social media platforms.

The development comes at the back of Dorah Mwima’s vibrant photoshoot that showcased her exquisite baby bump.

During the entirety of the pregnancy and delivery process, Nader Barrak remained a steadfast source of strength and unwavering support, demonstrating unwavering devotion to Dorah.

His love for his wife and their newborn child knows no bounds, and he eagerly embraces the responsibilities and joys of fatherhood.

dorah mwima

Together, Dorah and Nader have created a harmonious and loving home, where Enso will be surrounded by an abundance of love, care, and support.

Enso, a name chosen with great thought and meaning, symbolizes the circle of life and the togetherness of all beings.

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They are eternally grateful for this precious gift and are excited to witness the incredible person Enso will become.

With their unwavering love and support, Enso is destined to leave an indelible mark on the world, spreading kindness, compassion, and joy wherever they go.

Enso: a symbol in Zen Buddhism meaning the circle of togetherness.
It all started with Ethan and the circle is complete with Enso.
Introducing our baby boy: Enso Barrak


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