Mama D, Chef Dorcus Bashema

Dorcus Bashema Kirabo (Mama D) Surpasses Alan Fisher’s Guinness World Records in Cooking Marathon.

Mama D real name Dorcus Bashema Kirabo the renowned Ugandan chef, has become a symbol of dedication and culinary excellence as she tirelessly strives to surpass the existing Guinness World Records for the longest hours cooked by an individual.

Since December 23, 2023, in Kira town, Mama D has been unwavering in her commitment to preparing a diverse array of mouthwatering meals and serving them to her ever-growing legion of supporters.

With an unwavering determination and an unyielding passion for her craft, Mama D has already surpassed the current record held by the Irish chef Alan Fisher.

Having cooked for an astonishing 119 hours and 57 minutes, Mama D has effortlessly surpassed the previous benchmark, leaving her supporters in awe of her culinary prowess.

However, Mama D’s ambitions do not end there. Fuelled by an insatiable desire to push the boundaries of her own capabilities, she continues to cook for countless more hours, relentlessly pursuing her ultimate goal of setting a new record that will solidify her place in culinary history.

Her repertoire of over 116 meals, meticulously crafted and expertly executed, showcases her unrivalled skill and creativity in the kitchen.

Mama D

The atmosphere surrounding Mama D’s cooking marathon is electric, with the aroma of spices and cheers from well-known public figures creating an unforgettable experience for all those fortunate enough to witness her culinary journey.

Mama D’s quest to set a new record is not just about personal achievement; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Ugandan people.

Dorcus Bashema Kirabo’s cooking videos will undergo a thorough review by the Guinness World Record after she completes her cooking process before being officially declared as the record holder.


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