Dorothy Shonga joins campaign to end Gender Based Violence

Socialite and entrepreneur Dorothy Shonga has added her voice to fight against Gender Based Violence in Malawi in a campaign dubbed 16 Days of Activism.
Below is what she posted on her Facebook wall;
16 Days of Activism is an opportunity for people like you and me to make individual concerted efforts in ending Gender Based Violence(GBV)
Both Men and Women are Victims of GBV. 16 Days of Activism have been observed annually for 30 years. And the message that hits home the most is ACT NOW!!! what are you doing about GBV in your home or Community?
It’s time for us to stand up and become someones keeper. Social protection is everyone’s responsibility. Children, Women, the Disabled, the elderly, and many vulnerable groups need to be protected. But abuse is not limited to vulnerable groups. Men, stop being strong and speak out against GBV.
My Team was engaged by Plan Malawi to enable me to participate in this initiative. Using Special Effects makeup, the message is very clear. Imagine if these scars were real? Imagine being scarred for life? It’s dehumanising. GBV must End. Not only have I experienced what it feels like to be a Victim of Abuse but I am also standing as a voice to the oppressed. You are heard and your story matters, speak out.
No form of abuse must be tolerated. Speak out. Many are also victims of emotional and verbal abuse. Speak out, internal wounds bleed the most. Say no to GBV. Report GBV. End GBV. Together we can achieve this.
Finally if anybody on this page is being abused and needs help go to the nearest Police Station in your location, you will be assisted. Or inbox me your name, number and location, we will send you help on your behalf through the Police. Or if you know of a child or anyone being abused and you want to remain anonymous, let us know, the Police will follow it up. I hope this helps someone 👏🏼
OrangeMalawi #endGBV


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