Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya, Eddy Kenzo

Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya is Like a brother to me now- Eddy Kenzo Opens Up

Singer Edrisah Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has opened up about his current relationship with Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya.

Rema Namakula found solace and tranquility in Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya after parting ways with baby daddy Eddy Kenzo.

Rema and her newfound love legalized their relationship in November 2019, before expanding their family further with a baby girl whom they named Aaliyah Ssebunya.

The pair’s new addition was their first child together, but Rema’s second since she shared a baby girl Aamal Musuuza with Eddy Kenzo.

Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya, Eddy Kenzo

During an interview with Galaxy TV, Eddy Kenzo stressed that despite parting ways with Rema Namakula, he still respects her as the mother of his daughter Aamal Musuuza

The big Talent singer further expressed his gratitude to Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya for accepting his daughter as his genuine child.

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While remarking on recent incidents of rubbing shoulders with Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya at several functions, Kenzo made it known that the former became his brother and that is how it is supposed to be.

He insisted that anyone who seeks to incite animosity between them is doing something utterly wrong because hatred shouldn’t be the foundation of society.


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