Dr. Hilderman

Dr. Hilderman Arrests His Former Producer Who Disappeared with His Wokota Studio Equipment

Dr. Hilderman Kiyaga of the “Mazongonto” fame has finally arrested and detained his former producer who disappeared with his studio equipment.

Last month, Dr. Hilderman expressed regret to his community for not being able to officially open the Wokota studio that he had founded in his native region in 2022.

Hilderman reasoned that part of the equipment had been stolen by the producer—identified as Kakooza Paul alias Producer Drainer Beats—who was assigned to the studio chores.

Hilderman filed a police case against the producer and revealed that he is already the target of the police investigation.

Dr. Hilderman

On Saturday 19th February 2023, Dr. Hilderman revealed how Drainer had been apprehended after several weeks in hiding and claiming to be in Canada.

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In the video shared by Hilderman, Drainer could be heard admitting that he stole the studio computer before emphasizing that he was also robbed.

The visibly startled producer further denied robbing singer Mesach Ssemakula, before retracting his earlier assertions that he had traveled to Canada.

Have a look at the video below.


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