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Eddy Kenzo Claims Is Worthy Being Bestowed With a Doctorate in Music for He Has Done It All

Eddy Kenzo firmly believes that in the realm of the creative industry, he deserves to be bestowed with a doctorate.

During a recent press interview, Kenzo confidently asserted that his musical expertise is his true education while addressing the ongoing criticism surrounding his academic qualifications.

He firmly believes that his critics are incapable of replicating his musical accomplishments, while he himself cannot excel in their respective fields.

He acknowledges that he may not possess the same aptitude in other subjects such as mathematics or any other field of study pursued by his critics, as he has never delved into those areas of learning.

Kenzo emphasized that his contributions to the music industry go far beyond mere participation. He has not only created and produced music but also nurtured and propelled aspiring talents to great heights.

Some of these talents have even graced prestigious platforms such as British Got Talent and America Got Talent, while others have successfully filled stadiums within the country.Eddy kenzo

Kenzo’s went on to note that his unwavering dedication to his craft has spanned over a decade, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the industry.

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It is through these remarkable achievements that Kenzo stands as a testament to his extensive knowledge and expertise in music.


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