Phionah Nyamutooro, Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo confirms love affair with Minister Phiona Nyamutoro and shared parenthood

Singer Eddy Kenzo has publicly acknowledged his romantic involvement with Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Development (Minerals) Phiona Nyamutoro.

For the last few weeks, Eddy Kenzo and Phiona Nyamutoro have been a hot topic of discussion among many online users, sparking rumors of a possible relationship.

At the Eid celebrations yesterday, Kenzo took a break from his performance at the Comedy Store to confirm his relationship with Phiona Nyamutoro, referring to her as his significant other.

Eddy Kenzo further disclosed that they have spent quality time together and have a child together.

Phionah Nyamutooro, Eddy Kenzo

This revelation from the Big Talent boss brought joy to many online users as they learned about the singer’s new partner, and they congratulated him for moving forward after his previous relationship with Rema Namakula, with whom he shares a daughter.

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As they continue to build their relationship and family together, fans are excited to see what the future holds for this new power couple in the entertainment and political spheres.


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