Eddy Kenzo,

Eddy Kenzo highlights the importance of ethical journalism, criticizes journalists who ask inappropriate questions

Big Talent singer Eddy Kenzo has criticized the ongoing vice of unethical journalism in the Uganda entertainment industry.

Recounting the death of the late Mayanja brother Humphery Mayanja, Kenzo revealed that some journalists behaved unprofessionally, as they posed inappropriate questions, like asking about the mother’s emotions after losing her beloved son who had battled cancer for a while.

The UNMF president made the statement at the just-concluded Jama Session, where he urged journalists to embrace professional journalism in their respective fields, asserting that it is a necessary step towards elevating the Uganda entertainment industry.

Eddy Kenzo

Kenzo added that journalists ought to acknowledge their errors and embark on creating a favorable working environment.

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Kenzo is not the first person to criticize unprofessional journalists, as over the years musicians have been embroiled in arguments with media personnel over the same issues.


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