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Eddy Kenzo Humiliates Carol Nantongo on Stage | VIDEO

Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) president Eddy Kenzo reportedly sabotaged fellow singer Carol Nantongo’s performance causing a fight between the two musicians’ managements.

Last Week Eddy Kenzo and Carol Nantongo were lined up to perform at an event in Eastern Uganda.

According to reports, Carol Nantongo reached the venue earlier than Eddy Kenzo and she got ready to take on the stage.

However, when Eddy Kenzo arrived, his team revealed that he had to perform immediately as he had to return to Kampala on time.

These pleaded with Carol Nantongo to only perform one song and give Kenzo the stage, then later she could finish her performance.

eddy kenzo

To Eddy Kenzo and his team’s surprise, when Carol stepped on stage, she wanted to perform more than one song, something they couldn’t agree with.

Since both Carol Nantongo and Eddy Kenzo’s Djs wanted their artists to perform first, mayhem broke out at the DJ’s box.

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It called for the event management intervention to restore peace at the event, and Eddy Kenzo proceeded with his performance as Carol Nantongo waited in her car.

Have a gaze at the video below.


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