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Eddy Kenzo Refutes Reports of Expecting Ugx 30B From Government, Tells Bobi Wine to Be Knowledgeable

The Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) president Eddy Kenzo has responded to Bobi Wine’s claims regarding the federation’s financial expectations from the government.

While appearing at the NUP headquarters recently, Bobi Wine criticized the musicians for using taxpayers’ money for their interests instead of investing it in important facilities like hospitals for the benefit of the country.

In his response, Kenzo expressed his disappointment in Bobi Wine’s lack of knowledge and understanding of the matter at hand.

He suggested that Bobi Wine should surround himself with more knowledgeable individuals who can provide him with accurate information before making such serious allegations.

He suggested that Bobi Wine should surround himself with more knowledgeable individuals to obtain accurate information.

Eddy Kenzo,

Kenzo clarified that the government has shown a willingness to provide Ugx 13B to support the music industry, which is a far cry from the exaggerated figures mentioned by Bobi Wine.

Kenzo emphasized that Bobi Wine’s claims are baseless, and are nothing more than an attempt to tarnish the reputation of musicians and the federation.

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He stated that the musicians are fully prepared to defend themselves against such false allegations and will not let their hard-earned reputation be tarnished by misinformation.


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