Eddy Kenzo, Mr Henrie,

Eddy Kenzo Unhappy With Mr. Henrie Over Demeaning Comments

Eddy Kenzo has disclosed that he declined Mr. Henrie’s offer to appear on his “The Deep Talk” show after labelling him as uneducated.

Mr. Henrie has gained recognition at Galaxy FM for his exceptional hosting skills and his involvement in Galaxy TV’s deep talk show.

During the show, Henrie candidly interviews various public figures, who share their personal life experiences.

On one occasion, Mr. Henrie hosted a prominent figure in the music industry and inquired about their decision to follow the guidance of Eddy Kenzo, whom he described as uneducated but leading the Uganda Musicians Federation (UNMF).

Eddy Kenzo

Subsequently, Mr. Henrie extended an invitation to Eddy Kenzo to feature on the same show, but the singer declined, citing he was disrespected by the previous comments made about his education.

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Eddy Kenzo went on to explain that he turned down the offer because he found himself unworthy to appear on a show that seemingly features only elites.

Kenzo maintained that due to his lack of formal education, he preferred to maintain a distance from Mr. Henrie’s show.


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