Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo Vows to Drag Vision Group to Court Over Malicious Publications

The Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) president Eddy Kenzo has vowed to drag Vision Group to court following their malicious publications.

The rift between Eddy Kenzo and Vision Group is getting wider with each day that goes by. Earlier yesterday, Kenzo expressed his disappointment with Bukedde for opposing musicians’ unity.

Kenzo’s protests, however, appear to have gone unheard by the publication, since they today published a piece that the singer deemed false.

According to Eddy Kenzo’s most recent social media statement, if Vision Group doesn’t immediately stop its defamatory campaign and apologise, the federation plans to take legal action against the company, including suing for damages and obtaining court orders prohibiting them from writing about musicians and from playing their music audio and videos.

Eddy Kenzo

Below is Eddy Kenzo’s detailed statement.

We shall take firm legal measures against you, including seeking damages and court orders to stop you from writing about us, as well as stop you from playing our music and music videos.

I hereby express my outrage and disappointment at the nefarious behaviour of Vision Group, which has for 2 days run totally false malicious, unresearched articles about myself and the musician’s federation contrary to journalistic ethics, standards and principles.

For a media house which the public expected to be mainstream and professional to stoop so low as to publish total lies and fabrications is probably desperation for losing its readership and a response to dwindling sales, but we shall not accept to be exploited and used as pawns for Vision group’s selfish interests.

I also hereby dispel the lies contained in vision group’s articles about the musician’s Federation and I call upon all right-thinking Ugandans to dismiss Vision group’s unwarranted smear campaign with the contempt it deserves.

For the record and contrary to Vision group’s slander, there is no fallout among members of the federation, we are all united and carrying on very well with our mission and objectives for which we founded the federation, and so, there are no cracks, rifts or wrangles in the Federation as falsely and maliciously reported by vision group.

Furthermore, it is quite ironic and totally unacceptable, that Vision Group which comprises of FM stations and TV stations that heavily rely on the works of Ugandan musicians as vital components of its TV and radio content, rather being happy that musician’s are coming together in unity, it is instead promoting disorganization and disunity, and attempting to thrive and profit out of fostering chaos in the music industry!

This, therefore, serves as a warning to vision group that, since it has decided to throw away its image, reputation and journalistic ethics and standards with reckless abandon, unless if you immediately stop this negative campaign and apologise, we shall take firm legal measures against you, including seeking damages and court orders to stop you from writing about us, as well as stop you from playing our music and music videos.

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