Aziz Azion, Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo Will Only Access My Concert After Paying An Admittance Fee – Aziz Azion

Singer Aziz Azion and guitarist Aziz Azion has invited Big Talent Boss Eddy Kenzo to be part of his concert only if he can pay at the entrance.

Currently, Aziz Azion is gearing up for his forthcoming concert dubbed “Strings of Love with Aziz Azion” expected to take place on 04 November 2023.

As he looks forward to his event, Aziz addressed the media at a press conference, where he hinted at what should be expected at his forthcoming concert.

Midway through the pressor, Aziz Azion was questioned if his nemesis Eddy Kenzo was invited to his concert.

In his response, Aziz revealed that he has no problem with Eddy Kenzo gracing his event, but he shouldn’t expect the privileges of free entry.

Aziz Azion,

He can come no one is stopping him as long as he pays the stipulated amount of money at the entrance.

Aziz’s decision comes in light of his rift with Eddy Kenzo, which allegedly emanated from the former firing the latter and telling him never to cross his path again.

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