Eddy Kenzo’s Manager Martin Beta Muhumuza heaps praise on Mesach Semakula

Not so many people look back and appreciate others for the sacrifice, time, and foundation laid towards their well-being especially in the entertainment industry. 

Eddy Kenzo‘s longtime Manager Martin Muhumuza could not say enough good things about legendary singer Mesach Semakula in his recent post.  The manager recognized and appreciated the singer’s good work done towards the growth of Uganda’s music industry.

Muhumuza Martin Bata
Muhumuza Martin Bata

In a post he shared on his social media accounts, he had the following to say:

Musajja wa Kabaka, this post is to appreciate you for the good work you have done for the Ugandan music industry.

In the times you started singing, our job had no respect at all and no parent would let their children sing, in other words some parents would actually disown their own children for becoming musicians but you endured every insults and discouragements and here we are now, tuvimba because you laid a foundation, tuvimba because you toiled to make this job outstanding. I respect you, I look up to you, Your counsel is incredible and yes you are a Golden Papa with a Golden heart.

Long Live Golden Papa

Blessings follow you

Your legacy is unbreakable

Thank you Sir Mesach Semakula for sharing your talent with us.

Mesach Semakula is not a new name in the ears of many Ugandans because he has made a very big impact on Udanda’s music-scene for quite some time now. He has worked so hard to become a successful singer, business person, farmer and a family man.


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