MUSICElijah Kitaka Drops 'Ndi Wuwo' Colourful Visuals

Elijah Kitaka Drops ‘Ndi Wuwo’ Colourful Visuals

Singer Elijah Kitaka has released his second track dubbed ‘Ndi Wano’ under his new management Swangz Avenue.

‘Ndi Wuwo’ is a beautiful love ballad that showcases Kitaka’s vocal and lyrical prowess. From Genesis to the end, the song is an ode to the singer’s love for his better half, and he does an excellent job of expressing his emotions through his lyrics and vocal delivery.
One of the standout features of the song is Elijah’s passionate singing.

His talent as a vocalist and songwriter is evident in the intensity with which he sings, allowing you to sense the depth of his emotions.

His voice is smooth and soothing, and he hits every note perfectly. “Ndi Wuwo” lyrics are a major highlight. Elijah has written a heartfelt love letter to his better half, assuring her of his undying love and devotion.

Elijah Kitaka

“Let me start with a big thank you to the fantastic day that I met you”, one of the poetic and romantic lyrics that will certainly strike a chord with everybody who has ever experienced love.

The song’s visuals are equally stunning. Shot and directed by Aaronaire Pictures, the video depicts Elijah enjoying the great outdoor sceneries with the beautiful vixen.

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The video’s visuals perfectly complement the song’s romantic vibe, and the setting in the wilderness of nature adds to the song’s authenticity.

RnB and soul music’s biggest strength will always be its ability to reach for timeless while combining neat melody, nifty rhythm and evocative songwriting.

In Elijah Kitaka’s ‘Ndi Wuwo’, the genre’s values hold true. Swangz Avenue’s nice-looking bodied musician is currently working on an EP which will feature a number of tracks.

Ndiwuwo is available on all streaming platforms worldwide.

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