Emmanuel Lwasa

Emanuel Lwasa expresses disappointment towards friends who abandoned him after bankruptcy

Emanuel Lwasa expresses his dissatisfaction with the friends who abandoned him after he went bankrupt.

Renowned Masaka-based-Masaka businessman Emanuel Lwasa is deeply disappointed by some individuals whom he believed were his friends.

Unfortunately, they have chosen to distance themselves from him upon discovering his bankruptcy.

A few weeks ago, Lwasa publicly declared his financial insolvency after his Tavern Kick club was seized by the bank due to his inability to repay his loan.

Since then, Lwasa has openly shared his devastating loss and appealed to the president for financial assistance in order to regain his position as a successful entrepreneur.

Emmanuel Lwasa

While addressing the press, Lwasa expressed his dismay at the fact that many of his friends have turned their backs on him, despite their previous closeness before his bankruptcy.

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In his frustration, Emmanuel Lwasa emphasized the difficulty of trusting people and revealed that he had been confined to his bed for the past few days due to an ailment.


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  1. It’s a wake-up call for him. I hope this time round he gets to realize that he didn’t have the friends he’s talking about, hence the need for financial discipline.

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