Emmanuel Lwasa, Vanessa

Emmanuel Lwasa Confused as Vanessa’s Parents Call Off His Introduction with Their Daughter

As you read this, Vanessa’s relatives have cancelled the introduction ceremony of Emmanuel Lwasa and their daughter Vanessa.

On Sunday afternoon, the internet was littered with photos of Lwasa geared up with his relatives to meet Vanessa’s parents.

However, the ceremony was dealt a heavy blow, when Lwasa’s best man received a call from Vanessa, pleading with them not to step a foot at her parents’ home.

According to Vanessa, a few days back, Lwasa appeared in an interview with one of the media outlets and revealed how he nabbed the former cheating on him with his driver.

Emmanuel Lwasa, Vanessa

Lwasa’s remarks upset Vanessa’s parents, who asked the pair to halt the ceremony until they could resolve their disagreements.

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The Masaka businessman argued he had already given Vanessa money to spend on requirements for their introduction ceremony, but since then she was not picking up his calls.

Lwasa obtained cash and went shopping for additional presents to deliver to Vanessa’s parents only to learn that the ceremony had been called off.

He maintained that since he hadn’t received an official notification of the ceremony’s cancellation, he had to honour the invitation of Vanessa’s parents.

His relatives, however, insisted that he was to travel alone because they were no longer interested in the already cancelled event.

Have a look at the video below.


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