Emmanuel Lwasa

Emmanuel Lwasa Imprisoned Over Ugx 18M Debt

Emmanuel Lwasa, a Masaka-based city prominent businessman, has found himself in a dire situation as he has been apprehended by authorities.

This unfortunate turn of events comes as a result of his inability to settle a debt that has been looming over him, amounting to a staggering sum of more than Ugx 18 million.

Lwasa, known for his successful ventures and lavish lifestyle, has now become entangled in a financial predicament that has left him facing legal consequences.

The debt that has led to Lwasa’s current incarceration was incurred due to the advertisements he placed on a local media station within the country.

Despite repeated attempts by the media outlet to recover the debt, Lwasa failed to make any payments towards it, leading to legal action being taken against him.

Emmanuel Lwasa

After efforts to solve the matter in an amicable manner proved futile, the court issued a warrant for Lwasa’s arrest and was apprehended today and legal proceedings were initiated to recover the outstanding amount.

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He was subsequently sent to prison, and according to the video acquired by this website, he could be seen being accompanied by authorities as he boards the bus destined for the correctional facility.

As news of Lwasa’s apprehension spreads, it has sparked discussions about the importance of financial responsibility and the potential consequences of living beyond one’s means.


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