MUSICEvelyne Lagu's Nkoleki Video Sends Her Fans Into Panic Mode | VIDEO

Evelyne Lagu’s Nkoleki Video Sends Her Fans Into Panic Mode | VIDEO

Singer Evelyn Lagu’s most recent music video which depicts her prevailing health state has left her fans in tears.

A few years back, singer Evelyn Nakabira alias Evelyn Lagu was diagnosed with a chronic kidney illness.

Well-wishers gathered millions of shillings to foot the singer’s pricey kidney transplant in Turkey in an effort to save her life.

But, because of her health at the time, doctors counseled her against getting the transplant, saying that her condition couldn’t support the procedure.

Evelyn Lagu, Vivian Tendo

Since that time, Evelyn Lagu has relied on dialysis, which is expensive and is thought to cost Ugx 300k every week.

As the singer continues to battle the illness, she has taken to the recording booth, releasing a gospel song that expresses the pain she is currently going through.

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Dubbed Nkoleki, Evelyn Lagu features Irene Kroger who advises her to cast all her burdens to God despite the challenging health situation she is currently going through.

The singer’s continuous health struggles were the focus of Simon SPK’s video, which has already put the singer’s fans in a panic.

Have a look at the video below.

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