Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

Excited Zari Hassan Reveals That Shakib Wants to Hold a Nikah Ceremony to Formally Declare Their Relationship.

Renowned socialite Zari The Bosslady born Zari Hassan has disclosed that her partner Shakib wants to formalize their relationship.

A few months back, Zari Hassan took to her socials and unveiled Shakib Cham as her new boyfriend after several tries and fails with several men.

The couple, however, came under harsh criticism from internet users, who claimed Zari was too old to date Shakib.

The businesswoman was so quick to put an end to the misinformation that was spreading like wildfire.

Zari Hassan made it known that Shakib is an adult, who simply takes care of himself to look good and young.

Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

Despite all the criticism, the couple has proved that they are still together and looking forward to formalising their relationship.

The delighted mother of five hinted at the legalization of her relationship with Shakib via her Snapchat account, where she revealed that they previously talked about the latter meeting her parents during a Nikah ceremony.

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Zari Hassan urged naysayers who are anxiously waiting for their relationship to end in tears to ask for a refund from their sorcerer and opt for other means since their charms are no longer working on her relationship.


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