Exodus recounts snatching people’s bags on the streets to get a living

Exodus shares how he had fallen on hard times and found himself in a desperate situation where he had to resort to theft in order to survive.

The gospel singer revealed that he resorted to snatching bags on the streets of Kampala back in 1998 when he was just a young boy.

During his time as a street kid, Exodus and his peers relied on stealing people’s belongings as their only means of making a living.

He mentioned a specific location on Dewington Street where they would scavenge through rubbish bins for discarded food whenever they were unable to steal a bag to buy food.

Exodus recalled a tragic incident where a child died due to fights over stolen items or police interventions during his time on the streets.


One particular memory he shared was when he stole a bag and encountered a notorious street member named Mirembe, who demanded that the singer hand over the stolen goods for a share.

When he refused, Mirembe resorted to violence, assaulting him and taking the bag and money, only to discover it amounted to around Ugx 3 million.

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A scuffle ensued, during which Mirembe attempted to shoot the singer but the gun malfunctioned. After a few hours, Exodus woke up, thinking he had died.


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