Spice Diana, Sheebah

Fans Should Support Us Both. Spice Diana on Sheebah Choosing her Date to hold her Extra Concert

Source Management singer Spice Diana has revealed that she is unbothered by fellow singer Sheebah holding her extra concert on the same day she will hold hers.

Having held her sold-out two-day concert at Serena Hotel, Sheebah will be holding her extra concert at Big zone Nansana.

Slated for 13th January 2023, Sheebah’s extra concert will collide with Spice Diana’s which will be held at Cricket Oval Lugogo on the same day.

The development, however, set netizens’ tongues wagging, with some criticizing Sheebah’s move of holding her extra concert on the same date as Spice Diana’s.

Spice Diana, Sheebah

While appearing in an interview with Spark TV, Spice Diana revealed that she is unbothered by Sheebah choosing the date to hold her extra concert, before calling upon revelers to turn up in big numbers and support both of them.

The “Siri Regular” crooner insisted that because she is not seeking financial gain, she will be appreciative of the crowd size that will turn up at her concert.

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Having supported Sheebah at her concert, Spice Diana is confident the former will return the favor.


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