Felistar Di Supastar

Felister Di Supastar Converts to Islam, Her New Name Revealed

Rising rapper Felister Di Supastar born Nanyanzi Faith has fully converted from Christianity to her mother’s religion Islam.

In February this year, Felista was one of the kids that transitioned from primary to secondary level of education having passed with flying colours.

Owing to her brilliant success, Felistar was able to acquire a full bursary at Kisaasi College School, a Muslim-affiliated institution courtesy of Hajji Latif Ssebagala.

Since then, Felistar has experienced tremendous changes in her life, including her religious affiliation.

Reports on our news desk indicate that Felista having tasted the Muslim experience at her school, made a decision to fully cross Islam.

Felistar Di Supastar

Taking part in an interview with Spark Tv, Felista noted that she has always been a Muslim, albeit not devoted as she will be going forward.

She added that since her mother is a Muslim, she has been taking her through Muslim beliefs and customs, hence it will not be hard for her to catch up with the religion.

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Henceforth Felista will be called Firdausi, which means paradise. The rapper noted that the name was picked by her mother upon finding out that it would best suit her daughter’s personality.


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