Fifi Da Queen

Fifi Da Queen Wins Defamation Case Against Vision Group, Compensated Ugx 25M

Media personality Fifi Da Queen real name Phionah Nabitengero has won a defamation case against media company Vision Group.

The case was related to a story published by Vision Group that insinuated Fifi’s involvement in a robbery scandal with Sipapa.

In response to the defamatory claims, Fifi took legal action, demanding an apology and compensation of UGX 1 billion.

After Vision Group failed to comply with Fifi’s demands, she sued them in court. The court ruled in Fifi’s favour and ordered Vision Group to issue an apology and clarification in Bukedde News Paper within 7 days of the judgement.

Fifi Da Queen

The court also ordered Vision Group to pay Fifi UGX 25 million as compensation. The Consent Judgment, which is final and binding on both parties, is a significant victory for Fifi Da Queen.

It not only clears her name but also sends a message to media companies that they cannot publish defamatory stories without consequences.

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Fifi expressed her satisfaction with the outcome of the case and thanked her legal team for their hard work. She has also urged other public figures to stand up against defamation and fight for their rights.


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