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Fik Fameica Warns Grenade Official Against Involving Him in His Drama With Rickman and Sheilah

Fresh Gang singer Walukagga Shafik alias Fik Fameica has come out and warned fellow singer Grenade Official against involving him in his drama.

A few days back Grenade Official got into a physical brawl with fellow singer Rickman Manrick at La Terezza bar in Kampala.

At the end of the brawl, Rickman Manrick was nursing injured lips and his girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba rushed him to Nakasero Hospital while Grenade Official disappeared in thin air.

Grenade later linked the cause of the fight to his past relationship with Sheilah Gashumba, adding that Rickman Manrick fractured his limbs.

In what seemed like a retaliation, Grenade took to his music archives, where he picked a collaboration with Fik Fameica dubbed “Mumpemu”, sharing it all over his social media platforms.

In the song, the two singers brag about their romantic prowess and express their willingness to teach their rivals how it is done.

Despite recording the song four years ago, releasing it at the moment when Grenade was at odds with Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman Manrick didn’t settle well with Fik Fameica.

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Taking to the comment section, Fik Fameica notified Grenade that he didn’t drop a verse in the song to involve him in his drama.

Man I dint drop a verse on this song for you to involve me In your drama!!!!

In his defence, Grenade Official distanced himself from being in any drama with anyone, maintaining that he released the song for his fans.

Bro no one is in drama I just dropped my song for the fans.
This is not a drama song Bro we did this 4 years ago G come on man


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