Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica’s X account confiscated by handler over allegations of government alignment

In the wake of allegations surrounding Fik Fameica’s alignment with the ruling government, his X handler has been seized by his social media handle.

Through a statement released on Fik Fameica’s X handle, the handler directly addressed the followers and supporters, shedding light on the difficult decision to confiscate the account that he had painstakingly built for the rapper.

Despite the handler’s efforts to utilize Fik Fameica’s platform to promote important messages of human rights and justice, he expressed deep disappointment in the rapper’s recent decision to align himself with the ruling government and participate in influencer programs that contradict the values they once stood for.

In light of these revelations, the handler sought the public’s input on the fate of the rapper’s X account. He posed the question of whether it should be returned to Fik Fameica, acknowledging that doing so may mean it will be used to further agendas that go against their principles.

Alternatively, he proposed retaining the account as a platform to amplify voices and advocate for justice, even if it means dissociating it from the rapper himself.

Fik Fameica

Furthermore, the handler raised the possibility of deleting the account altogether now that the truth behind the posts had been exposed. He emphasized the importance of the followers’ opinions in making the right choice for the future of the platform and the messages it conveys.

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This unexpected turn of events has left Fik Fameica’s followers and supporters in a state of confusion and uncertainty. Many are grappling with the conflicting emotions of disappointment in the rapper’s decision as many thought he believed in Bobi Wine’s NUP ideologies.

The account handle has now been modified to a different name and will from now on be dedicated to sharing content related to climate change and humanitarian endeavors.


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