Fik Gaza

Fik Gaza released from Saudi Arabia prison completes Umrah pilgrimage ahead of return to Uganda

Fik Gaza real name Jjingo Shafik, has been freed from detention in Saudi Arabia after spending several days behind bars.

The singer was arrested on Tuesday, 23rd, 04, 2024, due to visa-related issues and for not adhering to the dress code in Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

The news of Fik Gaza’s arrest quickly spread, causing an uproar in the music industry. Many individuals, including fellow musicians and fans, expressed their concern and demanded his release. Fortunately, the singer was eventually released.

Upon his release, Fik Gaza wasted no time in embarking on a spiritual journey. He immediately performed Umrah, a religious pilgrimage, at the Holy Kaaba in Mecca.

Fik Gaza

This act of devotion holds great significance in Islam, and Fik expressed his gratitude for being able to fulfill this important religious duty.

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Taking to his social media platforms, Fik shared photos expressing his gratitude and seeking forgiveness from Allah for any wrongdoings.


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