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Fik Gaza reportedly arrested in Saudi Arabia

Singer Fik Gaza has reportedly been apprehended in Saudi Arabia, where he is currently being held in custody.

According to reports, Fik Gaza had traveled to Saudi Arabia to perform at a show. Although his visa was for visiting purposes, the event promoter insisted on him performing at the event.

When authorities discovered Fik’s lack of a work permit, he was arrested and detained in Saudi Arabia. As of now, he remains in police custody.

Furthermore, Fik Gaza’s arrest is not an isolated incident. Other Ugandan musicians, such as Beenie Gunter, have also faced similar situations in Saudi Arabia.

Fik Gaza

This raises questions about the treatment of foreign artists in the country and whether there are systemic issues that need to be addressed.

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This incident serves as a cautionary tale for musicians and artists traveling abroad for work. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and complying with immigration laws and regulations to avoid potential legal complications and ensure a smooth and successful performance experience.


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