Fille Calls Out the Government to Enact Laws to Protect Women Against Nude Threats

Singer Fille Mutoni has pleaded with the Uganda government to enact stringent laws that would protect women against nude threats.

Over the years, several A-listers have fallen victim to the skyrocketing vice of their explicit content being leaked on social media.

These have fallen prey after their gadgets were hacked, lost or stolen by the oppressors before leaking the content on several socializing Apps for their selfish interests.

While addressing the matter in an interview with Sanyuka TV, singer Fille revealed that she wouldn’t record explicit content or send it to her partner despite the span of their relationship.

Fille based her decision on the fact that many people maliciously leak ex-lovers’ private content to take revenge for the failed relationships.


Fille further revealed that to curb the vice, the government ought to impose stringent laws that would protect women against nude circulation and threats.

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Fille also pointed out that a lot of people don’t voluntarily leak their sexual stuff; rather, their content is sneakily obtained and held for ransom, and if that doesn’t work, they move to leak the information.



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