Dean Lubowa Saava

Former NTV Journalist Dean Lubowa Saava Arrested | VIDEO

Former NTV journalist Dean Lubowa Saava was apprehended by security operatives over the weekend, according to a video obtained by Exclusive Bizz.

In the video footage, Dean Lubowa can be seen resisting the arrest and asserting his innocence.

The security personnel, dressed in civilian clothing, managed to overpower Dean and took him into custody at an undisclosed location.

He was tightly handcuffed, and he could be heard pleading with the security officers to loosen the restraints, as he claimed they could potentially harm his arm.

Dean Lubowa Saava

In response, the enraged security personnel stated that Dean had resisted peaceful arrest, and were not willing to consider his plea.

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The reason behind Dean Lubowa Saava’s arrest remains unknown at this time. However, this is not the first instance of his apprehension, as he has previously been arrested and charged with offensive communication.


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